Summer Safety Tips for People Living with Dementia

Summer tips for caring for someone with dementia… 

As with anyone during summer, there are certain things you need to remember to stay safe in the sun and heat. Someone living with dementia may not remember most things for themselves so as their carer, you will need to prompt occasionally.

Here is a few things that you will want to keep your eye on to ensure your loved one enjoys the summer months.

Staying hydrated

Most people are not hydrated enough, however without dementia, you’ll remember to take regular sips of water, or to have a drink every so often. A person living with dementia however, may need prompting to drink plenty of fluids, or they may not realize they are thirsty.

Avoid having alcohol and caffeine too much. You could try some nice fruity alcohol free cocktails, or smoothies. You could also snack on water rich fruits like melon and cucumber.

Dressing for the weather

With most forms of dementia, making a decision on what to wear can be difficult – it’s difficult for most of us in the UK but someone with dementia will need help in choosing appropriate clothing. Ensure that winter clothes are out of site to help in the decision making process.

Labeling can help here – have a drawer marked as ‘Sunny Day Clothes’ and one for ‘Rainy Day Clothes’ or something that will help and has been agreed with your loved one.

Limiting sun exposure

Living with dementia can mean that you are not as aware as you once may have been of ensuring to limit sun exposure. Ensure that you encourage your loved one to get into the shade, or make sure that sun cream is applied regularly.

If your loved one enjoys sun bathing then perhaps try and encourage this in the morning or afternoon so that you avoid the hottest part of the day. Wearing a wide brimmed hat can also help to keep the neck and shoulders from risk of burning.


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